In Memoriam

We, the player/ writers of the Star Trek: Borderlands, Pbem-RPG, would like to take this opportunity to honor those members who have left this mortal coil.  


It is often said, in sadness, that all good things must come to an end.  Such is the case with the lives of those listed here.  Those among us who have had the pleasure of knowing them have been touched by their wit, their wisdom, and their creative spark.  They have shaped Boderlands in many ways, some great, some small. 


If we were to speak to them, we might say that we shall not forget what you leave behind.  Borderlands is, in part, your legacy.  You have left it in our care, and we shall attempt to honor the investment of time, skill, and heart that you put into it.  


As you reach your journey’s end,  we hope and pray that you and your families find peace.

Andrew Olmsted

Rachel Tyree

Kevin Adams

Kevin Oyer

Katrina Allard

Jade MacLeod

Lisa Arsineau

The Star Trek:  Borderlands Community salutes you!