Star Trek: Borderlands began its life as the UFPI (United Federation of Planets International) in 1993.  It divided and changed names in 2003, but we in Star Trek: Borderlands maintain many of the original groups and the heritage of our origins.

We have added several groups to our membership over the years.    Whether new or old, each group belongs to one backdrop, which is set in the Delta Quadrant in the early 2400s.

Some of our membership have been here since the very beginning.  Others, have joined us along the way and helped us to become what we are today, a connected community of fan-fiction writers enjoying the world that we’ve created together.

We welcome new members with open arms and encourage them to become leaders of Star Trek: Borderlands.

We are governed by a council of player-members to ensure the fair treatment of each individual who joins us.

We appreciate your interest in Star Trek: Borderlands.  The invitation to join us is open.  

Thank you.